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Welcome to Naf Naf Poultry Farm

We provide High quality poultry products

Our core values guide us in how we  conduct ourselves personally & professionally.

In this ever-changing world of agriculture and poultry farming, our core values are constant. They underlie our work, How we interact with each other and which strategies we employ to fulfill our mission.

We continue to develop our capacities. Even more chicken produce will be grown and processed in thenearest future. The Total number of our livestock is also increasing.

Looking for the Best Wholesale chicken

Then Naf Naf is here for you!

Naf Naf chicken provides the best processed chicken in wholesale quantities. We work with distributors, supermarkets and restaurants to ensure our customers get an endless supply of quality chicken

our process

The journey to producing good quality chicken starts with our premium day old chicks which are got from eggs hatched under stringent bio security conditions to avoid contamination. The chicks are then transported and reared in highly hygienic environmental controlled houses that are free from bacterial contamination.

In this system of housing, temperature, humidity and ventilation are maintained at desirable levels with the help of fans, cooling pads and electronic controllers. This ensures that the birds get fresh air and are comfortable at all times.

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Friendly And Dedicated Support Every Steps On The Way

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